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F2: World Class

Authors : The F2
Publisher : Bonnier Publishing Ltd.
Published Date : 2018-05-31
ISBN-13 : 9781788700276
Page : 192 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions F2: World Class

What does it take to get to the very top – to become truly ‘World Class’? We are The F2 and we’re going to show you what separates the Messis from the masses, the Kanes from the can’ts and the Neymars from the no-mores. We’re going to show you how to elevate your game to the World Stage.

Our book reveals the secrets of your favourite footballers as we show you how to improve your fitness, add focus to your mentality and supersize your skills. We’ll prove to you that you don’t have to be born great to become great. So when the big day comes around, you’ll be ready to unleash your inner winner.

We’ve also made you a free app where you can see exactly how it’s done. So, if you want control like Coutinho, power like Pogba or swaz like Sànchez, you know what to do: read, download, grab a ball and we’ll see you on the pitch.

Love, peace and tekkers,
Billy & Jez, aka The F2